Resources for Financial Assistance Administrators

SFA Partner Title

The SFA Partner is a quarterly update on WSAC programs, designed to support the work of Washington's financial aid administrators. Past editions of the SFA Partner are available in our archives.

July 2018 Issue

In this issue:

  • SFA Workshop Recap
  • Important Dates to Remember
  • 2017-18 Unit Record Report (URR) Training Webinars and Deadlines
  • 2016-17 Data Summary
  • State Need Grant Students Unserved in 2016-17
  • SNG Funding for 2018-19
  • Differences between the SNG Archive and CSAW
  • 12th Year Campaign and Supporting the Plus 5 Push!
  • Statewide Spring Counselor Workshops and WFAA Partnership Update
  • Summer Awarding of SNG/CBS - Reminder
  • Update to 2018-19 College Bound Scholarship Awarding Practices
  • Washington State Aid Conditions of Award - Reminder
  • Repayments Update
  • New Collection Agency!
  • State Work Study Information\
  • WSAC staffing updates
  • Providing Feedback to SFA