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Suspended Programs

The following programs have been suspended for new recipients. Previously selected recipients continue to be served. 

Get Ready for Math and Science

Established in 2007, this public-private partnership program provided conditional scholarships to low- and middle-income high school students with top math and science test scores. In return for the scholarship, recipients agreed to obtain a bachelor's degree in a math or science field and work in a math/science profession for three years after obtaining their degree. Funding was available for one cohort of high schoolers selected in 2007-08 who started college in 2010-11. For questions about existing Get Ready service obligations, contact or call 888.535.0747 (option 6).

John R. Justice State Loan Repayment

The national John R. Justice program, established by Congress in 2008, encourages attorneys to enter or remain in public service positions as prosecutors or public defenders in exchange for loan debt forgiveness. From 2010 through 2019, the Washington Student Achievement Council was the John R. Justice program administrator for Washington State. For questions about John R. Justice, contact or call 888.535.0747 (option 5).

Washington Scholars

Established in 1981, the Washington Scholars program provided merit-based undergraduate scholarships to recognize graduating high school students who had distinguished themselves through outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and community service activities. The final scholarship application cycle was for the 2010-11 academic year; however, the program continued to recognize students without a monetary benefit until 2016. Some pre-2011 recipients with unused scholarship capacity remaining may qualify for benefits if funds are available and all other program requirements are met. For questions, contact or call 360.485.1311.