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Financial Aid Appeals

Have your circumstances changed?

If someone in your family has lost a job or is working less, colleges may be able to provide more financial aid:

  • If you’ve already filed a 2020-21 FAFSA or WASFA, talk to the financial aid office about your situation.
  • If you haven’t applied for financial aid, it’s not too late. Submit your application, then follow up with the college.

What situations could change the amount of money I get?

Colleges typically consider the following circumstances when determining whether to adjust financial aid:

  • You or your parent(s) lost a job and are now unemployed.
  • Your household income has changed significantly, or you've experienced a loss of benefits, such as child support.
  • Someone in your household has to pay unusual medical or dental bills not covered by insurance.

What kind of proof or documentation do I need to provide?

Requirements vary. You may be asked to complete a form, submit a formal letter, or otherwise verify how your financial aid eligibility has changed. Contact the financial aid office at your college for instructions.

What if I haven’t applied yet?

If you have not yet filed a FAFSA or WASFA financial aid application, there’s still time, and you will need to do so. Yes, the application is based on a previous year’s taxes. Submit your application—even if it doesn’t represent your current circumstances—then follow up with the financial aid office about changes.

Where can I get help?

  • The financial aid office at the college you plan to attend is the best resource to answer questions based on your specific circumstances.
  • SwiftStudent is a free digital tool for college students to learn about the financial aid appeals process.