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Apprenticeship Program Providers

Washington College Grant for Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship program providers are now able to offer their apprentices financial aid similar to what college students can receive.

The Washington College Grant for Apprenticeship (WCG-A) supports income-eligible apprentices enrolled in approved registered apprenticeship programs. The grant can cover tuition, instructional fees, and materials.

Apprenticeship program providers, or "sponsors," must apply to participate. For questions about the application or eligibility, contact Jeff Southard at 360-485-1315 or

What is the process for sponsors to be approved to participate in WCG-A?

1. Sponsors must be registered with and approved by the Washington State Apprenticeship & Training Council and cannot be in probationary status.

2. Sponsors must then apply to the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) in order to participate in WCG-A.

  • WSAC staff review initial application materials – includes:
    • Questions or requests for additional or clarifying information
    • Contact with Labor & Industries
    • Possible review of independent Washington certified public accounts
  • Sponsors receive further evaluation and training – may include:
    • Site visits
    • Review of sponsor’s policies and procedures
    • Discussion of state program mechanics
    • Training for awards processing
    • Verification of administrative capabilities

3. Once approved, providers may offer WCG-A to eligible apprentices.

  • Apprentices submit application to sponsors: Sponsors will determine individual eligibility based on apprentice’s financial information.
  • Sponsors distribute funds: WSAC pays participating programs. Sponsors then pay apprentices.

What is the “administrative capability” that participating providers must demonstrate?

At a minimum, participating providers will need to demonstrate an ability and willingness to:

  • Promote, collect, and review financial aid applications, and make awards.
  • Maintain separation of duties in terms of apprentice eligibility determinations.
  • Determine program costs relevant to WCG-A, such as instructional costs/tuition, equipment, and supplies.
  • Request payment via an online portal, and manage repayment obligations.
  • Meet reporting requirements.