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Apprenticeship Program Providers

WA Grant for Apprenticeship

6/7/2024- Requests to Participate in WG-A: WSAC accepting public comment through June 20, 2024

Apprenticeship program providers can offer their apprentices financial aid similar to what college students can receive.

WA Grant for Apprenticeship (WG-A) supports income-eligible apprentices enrolled in approved registered apprenticeship programs. The grant can cover tuition, fees, and materials.

WSAC now allows apprenticeship program providers, or "sponsors," to administer WG-A on their own or to work with ANEW as a third-party servicer. Questions? Contact Lyle Irimata at 360.515.3009 or

What is the process for sponsors to participate in WG-A?

1. Sponsors must be registered with the Washington State Apprenticeship & Training Council (WSATC). Sponsors must be approved by WSATC and cannot be in probationary status.

2. Sponsors can apply to administer WG-A on their own to the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) in order to participate in WG-A, or can apply to utilize ANEW as a third-party servicer. If using ANEW as a third-party servicer, please refer to requirements listed in the application and submit completed applications to ANEW.

  • WSAC staff review initial application materials. This includes:
    • Questions or requests for more information
    • Contact with Labor & Industries
    • Possible review of independent Washington certified public accounts
  • WSAC further evaluates and trains the sponsor. This may include:
    • Site visits
    • Review of sponsor’s policies and procedures
    • Discussion of program mechanics
    • Training for awards processing
    • Verification of administrative capabilities

3. Once approved, sponsors may offer WG-A to eligible apprentices.

  • Apprentice submits application to sponsor: Sponsor reviews the apprentice’s financial information to determine eligibility.
  • Sponsor distribute funds: WSAC pays participating programs. Sponsors then pay apprentices.

What is the “administrative capability” that participating providers must demonstrate?

At a minimum, providers must be able to:

  • Promote, collect, and review financial aid applications.
  • Make awards.
  • Maintain separation of duties in determining eligibility.
  • Determine program costs relevant to WG-A, such as instructional costs/tuition, equipment, and supplies.
  • Request payment via an online portal.
  • Manage repayments.
  • Meet reporting requirements.
  • Ensure policies regarding records retention and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) are in compliance with WSAC standards.