Aerospace Loan Program

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The Aerospace Loan Program (ALP) supports training for entry-level aerospace workers. Participants may borrow up to $8,900 to earn certificates or enhance job skills in various aerospace fields. Students may enroll through Edmonds Community College.

About the Program

Washington’s aerospace industry is a major contributor to the state’s economy. Of Washington's 39 counties, 35 are home to at least one aerospace-related company. More than 1,400 aerospace and aerospace-related businesses operate in the state, employing more than 93,000 skilled workers. In addition to primary aerospace manufacturers like Boeing, many companies are engaged in parts, tooling, composite, and advanced materials manufacturing, all of which are crucial parts of the production pipeline. 

Overall, the state’s aerospace industry is dynamic and growing, with strong demand for specialized workers at various skill and education levels. The Aerospace Loan Program (ALP), in partnership with the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center (WATRC), plays a role in meeting this demand. The WATRC provides training for specialized entry-level aerospace workers in 12- to 16-week short certificate programs. Students may enroll through Edmonds Community College Business Center.

Students can receive up to $8,900 for 12-16 weeks of training to enhance existing job skills or to earn certificates in various aerospace production fields. After completion of the program, ALP recipients have up to four years to repay their loans.