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State Work Study for Employers

State Work Study is financial aid for low- and middle-income students. Qualifying students get an approved job, on- or off-campus, to support their education. Work study builds students’ skills, increases their earnings, and reduces reliance on student loans. 

The state contributes to the wages of work study employees, so participating employers benefit from educated, motivated workers at a lower cost. Many employers hire work study employees on a permanent basis after graduation. Work study contributes to economic growth by creating jobs and adding experienced, high-skilled college graduates to the state’s workforce. 

Why employ State Work Study students?

Join nearly 500 currently participating employers already reaping the unique benefits of employing SWS-eligible students: 

  • Preview talent. Hire college students with cutting-edge skills that benefit the organization now, while potentially finding ideal post-graduation employees for the future. 
  • Shape the workforce. Train and mentor college students, ensuring graduates have the skills Washington employers need. 
  • Save money and get more work done. Partial wage reimbursements of up to 70 percent help offset costs. This means more work gets done at lower cost. Potentially save on future recruitment and hiring costs if student employees are retained after graduation. 

How to participate as an employer

  • Determine the kind of work that needs to be performed and the necessary qualifications.
  • Contact a participating college.
  • Complete the Employer Contract and Profile and the Student Job Description found in the Forms section below and return them to the college.
  • Once the contract and job are approved, interview students with confirmed SWS eligibility.
  • Work directly with the college's Student Employment Administrator to hire, train, and pay students for hours worked, and submit timesheets for partial reimbursement of gross wages.

Resources for participating employers