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Washington College Grant

Washington College Grant (WCG) is one of the most generous financial aid programs in the country. Recent high school graduates and working-age adults from many low- and middle-income families can qualify to receive money for college or career training. 

Who is eligible?

WCG is available to eligible Washington residents, including undocumented students. An eligible student from a family of four making around $56,000 or less per year would receive a full award. Partial grants are available for families making up to the state’s median family income, around $102,000 per year for a family of four. 

What does it cover?

The maximum WCG award amount will cover full tuition at any approved/eligible in-state public college or university, including community or technical colleges. At an approved private college or career training program, WCG provides a comparable amount toward tuition and other education-related costs. 

Apprentices in a participating program may be eligible to receive the Washington College Grant for Apprenticeship (WCG-A). WCG-A provides funding for apprenticeship expenses such as tuition, fees, and materials.

Amounts vary based on income, family size, and the school or program attended. Students and families can use the financial aid calculator to estimate their potential WCG award. Recipients must meet program requirements and attend an approved institution or program.

Learn more about WCG eligibility and awards.

How do people apply?

There is no separate application for WCG. Students should complete a state or federal financial aid application, which colleges will use to determine eligibility and make awards. Apprentices enrolled in a program at a community or technical college should also complete a financial aid application.

Apprentices in non-campus-based programs are encouraged to check with their program sponsor to ensure their participation in WCG for Apprenticeship. Sponsors must apply and be approved to participate in WCG-A. Interested sponsors can learn more on the WCG-A apprenticeship program providers page.

Financial aid applications for the 2022-23 academic year are now open.

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