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Student Complaints

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) has the authority to investigate student complaints against specific schools. WSAC does not have complaint investigation authority over all schools and may not be able to investigate all student complaints.  

Before submitting a complaint form, please note the following: 

  • If a complaint is within WSAC's jurisdiction, a student must provide proof of completion of the school's complaint process - including any provisions for appeals. 
  • WSAC cannot investigate complaints regarding grades, disciplinary actions, or conduct unless a student can prove that the school has not followed published procedures or policies.
  • WSAC will not accept anonymous complaints or complaints that are currently in litigation. 

Please be advised that copies of complaints may be made available to the school involved and to other federal, state, or private agencies. Copies will also be made available, without personally identifiable information, to members of the public upon request. 

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A staff member will contact the student once a complaint info form is received.