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Washington College Grant Eligibility & Awards

About Washington College Grant (WA Grant)

WA Grant provides need-based financial aid to income-eligible resident students pursuing education beyond high school. Award amounts vary based on income, family size, and the school or program attended, as outlined below. 

Apprentices in non–campus-based apprenticeship programs are encouraged to check with their program sponsor to ensure their participation in WA Grant for Apprenticeship.

Applications are now open for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 academic years. Note, there have been some technical issues and delays with the 2024-25 FAFSA application, as well as changes to the form. Don't give up! Financial aid is available, but you do need to apply. Get help navigating the 2024-25 FAFSA.

WA Grant Awards

WA Grant award amounts vary based on income, family size, and school or program cost. For 2024-25, an eligible student from a family of four with income of $78,500 or less per year would get a full award. What does that mean? For example, public college tuition would likely be free for a family with three children and a single parent making $37 per hour. For middle-income families, grant amounts are lower. But even someone from a family of four making up to $120,500 per year can get some money to help pay for college or training.

Award amounts vary based on family size and income

To find your estimated maximum award, first find your family size in Table 1 below. Moving from left to right across the table, identify the first column where the amount is higher than (or equal to) your household income. For the 2024-25 FAFSA or WASFA, use the household income reported on your 2022 taxes.

The letter at the top of the column will help you find your approximate maximum award amount in Table 2. Column A shows the maximum family income at which someone can receive a full award, equivalent to free tuition at public colleges. Partial awards are available up to the income in Column D, which is the maximum income to receive WA Grant. 

Table 1: Eligibility by Family Size & Income
Maximum Family Income (MFI) for 2024-25 WA Grant Awards

Family Size






Note: For family size up to 20, view the complete 2024-25 MFI eligibility chart.

Award amounts vary based on type of school

Below are the maximum annual WA Grant award amounts available at each type of school, depending on your income level (A–D) from Table 1.

The chart shows the largest award a person may be eligible to receive if enrolled full time at a participating college.* 

Table 2: Maximum Annual Grant Amount by Income Level & Institution
2024-25 Maximum Annual Award Amounts
(Based on Income in Table 1)






Public Research:
University of Washington $12,378 $6,189 $3,033 $1,238
Washington State University $11,887 $5,944 $2,912 $1,189
Public Comprehensive:
Central Washington University $8,085 $4,043 $1,981 $809
Eastern Washington University $7,523 $3,762 $1,843 $752
The Evergreen State College $8,097 $4,049 $1,984 $810
Western Washington University $8,232 $4,116 $2,017 $823
Private Four-Year:      
Independent/Private Four-Year Nonprofit Universities and Colleges $9,739 $4,870 $2,386 $974
Independent/Private Four-Year For-Profit Universities and Colleges $8,517 $4,259 $2,087 $852
WGU Washington $5,619 $2,810 $1,377 $562
Community and Technical Colleges:
Community and Technical Colleges $4,763 $2,382 $1,167 $476
CTC Applied Baccalaureate Programs $7,610 $3,805 $1,864 $761
Private Two-Year:
Private Two-Year Nonprofit Colleges $3,694 $1,847 $905 $369
Private Two-Year For-Profit Colleges $2,823 $1,412 $692 $282
Tribal Colleges:
Northwest Indian College $3,694 $1,847 $905 $369
Non–College-Based Apprenticeship:
WSAC-Approved Apprenticeship Programs $4,763 $1,847 $1,167 $476

  *Award amounts noted above represent the maximum WA Grant award. Actual award amounts may vary due to individual student eligibility.


2023-24 Income & Award Amounts