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WASFA Questionnaire

The Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) is for people who don’t file a federal FAFSA application. People who complete a WASFA are applying for state aid. There are various reasons to complete a WASFA instead of a FAFSA:

  • A person may not be eligible for federal aid due to:
    • Citizenship or immigration status, including being undocumented.
    • Defaulted federal student loans.
    • Repayments owed on federal grants.
  • A person may choose not to apply for federal aid due to:
    • Family members who do not want to file the FAFSA.
    • Other personal reasons.

After you complete the WASFA, the college(s) or program(s) you choose will determine whether you meet state residency requirements and state financial aid eligibility. State financial aid could include Washington College Grant, the College Bound Scholarship, Passport to Careers, National Guard Grant, or State Work Study.

The following questions will confirm if the WASFA is the correct application for you.