Rules and WACs

Council Rule-Making and WACs

The Washington State Legislature is responsible for making laws, formally known as the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). The laws often require agencies to do something new or to change the way something is done. Agencies then develop processes and procedures for putting those laws into action. These processes and procedures are known as rules and are codified in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

At the Washington Student Achievement Council, most WACs focus on financial aid program management or authorization of institutions and degree programs.

The Council is in the process of updating the WACs of its predecessor agency, the Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB), to reflect the agency changeover. Until this process is complete, existing HECB rules are considered current and complete for your reference.

This page provided in accordance with the requirements of RCW 34.05.270.

Current Council Rule-Making Activity

None at this time.