Child Care Grants


The Child Care Grant program is an institutional grant given to public four-year universities. Students interested in support for child care purposes are encouraged to contact their college or university.

The program was established during the 1999-2000 legislative session to address the need for quality, accessible child care at the public higher education institutions. For public four-year universities, funding has been consistent at $75,000 per year, except in 2010-11 when the program was temporarily suspended. 

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges administers a grant for the public two-year institutions. All grants are awarded for a period not exceeding two years and must be used to provide high quality, accessible, and affordable child care for students with children. 

The state grant must be matched at least dollar-for-dollar by the administration and/or student government association at participating institutions.

The scope of work performed varies by institution, and is tailored to meet the needs of each institution's student parent population. Examples include:

  • Child care vouchers or waiver of fees for on and off-campus day care. 
  • Subsidy reducing the cost of child care. 
  • Staffing to provide parents with child care for evening classes or uninterrupted study time. 
  • Wages for work study students to provide child care at the on-campus centers. 
  • Targeting of child care assistance to special populations, such as military veterans. 
  • Professional development opportunities for on-campus care providers to improve the pre-school curriculum. 


The grant removes barriers for student parents, giving them a much needed break on child care costs. This allows them to lower their student debt and attend school full time, which increases the likelihood that parents will remain in school and complete a degree program. We know that educated residents are an asset to our state's economy. 

Students and parents can find more information about paying for college at our partner site: Ready, Set, Grad.