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Washington College and Career Compass

Compass: Navigate to a better future. 

College & Career Compass is a tool for all students, helping current high school students and prospective adult students chart a pathway to a credential. 

Compass users: 

  • Learn critical information, tips, and resources for returning adult learners
  • Search for Washington educational programs and pathways
  • Connect with campuses committed to supporting adult learners’ progress.

Washington colleges are here to help.

The Compass tool serves the unique needs of adult learners, and Washington's colleges stand ready to help prospective adult students return to school and complete their credential. Completing a postsecondary credential is critical for participation and success in the 21st-century economy. Empowering adults to return to the classroom, to earn their credential, and to advance in their careers can have profound benefits on Washington’s families, our communities, and the state’s economic and civic health.

  • Participating campuses. 55 campuses have provided their educational programs to promote pathways to adult learners. 
  • Compass campuses. Of these 55, a growing list of campuses (currently 51) have agreed to evaluate adult learner practices and provide tailored support to inquiring students connected through the Compass tool. These campuses understand that Compass will be an integral tool to increase our state’s educational attainment. 


Campus Participation 

Campus Participation 

WSAC invites our postsecondary partners to participate in College & Career Compass. 

View a recorded presentation that includes background on the initiative, a description of the interactive tool, and steps to participate. All campuses that participate in state financial aid may submit educational program information to be included in the online tool. Participating campuses will complete the following four steps. 

1. Educational Program File. Complete and submit an Educational Programs file that WSAC sent to campus partners. If you have questions about the status of your program file or would like a template, contact Ami Magisos at

2. Institutional Self-Assessment and Response Plan. Review the Self-Assessment worksheets and the Student Response Plan description with a cross-divisional campus team. These documents will help you prepare your responses for online submission. Submit your responses online here: Survey 1: Institutional Self-Assessment and Response plan. (Survey 1 Transcript

3. Campus Profile. Review the Campus Profile description and submit profile information online: Survey 2:  Campus Profile

4. Memorandum of Agreement. WSAC has shared an MOU with campus partners outlining the roles of WSAC and participating campuses, including steps to complete and timelines. 

For questions about campus participation, look at our FAQs or contact Ami Magisos at

Reports and Resources

Reports and Resources