Washington Scholars

The Washington Scholars program recognizes the accomplishments of four high school students in each of the state’s 49 legislative districts, three Washington Scholars and one Washington Scholar-Alternate.

The state’s biennial operating budget does not include monetary awards for new Washington Scholars in 2013 and 2014. Scholars selected in earlier years will continue to receive the monetary benefit. However, the Washington Scholars program is intended to honor the achievements of some of our state’s most exemplary high school students, even in years when budgetary constraints preclude financial awards.

A committee comprised of high school principals and college administrators makes the final selections. The committee meets in mid-winter to score the applications. Award recipients generally are announced in spring.

2013 Washington Scholars  Directory


To be eligible for nomination by your high school, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Washington state resident.

  • Be graduating from a Washington public or private high school in the current award year.

  • Be enrolled at an eligible in-state college or university following high school graduation.

  • Not be pursuing a postsecondary degree in theology.

Program Updates

The following changes have been in effect since 2011, for the financial award portion of the Washington Scholars program:

  • The monetary benefit for Washington Scholars selected in spring 2010 or earlier will be prorated at 90 percent of the legislatively-authorized public tuition and services and activity fees for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 fiscal years.

  • In 2011, public higher education institutions received new tuition-setting authority that allows each institution to raise tuition to levels higher than those assumed in the state operating budget. However, annual Washington Scholars scholarship value adjustments will not reflect any increases that exceed the assumed budget increases.
  • Washington Scholars honorees selected in spring 2011 and after will not be offered monetary scholarships unless funding is restored for that specific purpose in the state budget. However, these Scholars will continue to be recognized and honored for their achievements in non-monetary ways.

Previously-selected Recipients

Washington Scholars and Alternates named to the award in spring 2010 or earlier remain eligible to receive the monetary scholarship benefit. These scholarship-eligible recipients may use their grants at any public or participating private college or university in the state of Washington.

Award Amounts

The intent of the scholarship is to mirror the cost of resident, undergraduate tuition and service and activity fees charged by Washington public colleges and universities; however, the scholarship is subject to annual appropriations and may be prorated.

Scholarship values are re-evaluated annually. Adjustments to the scholarship amount may be made during an academic year as funding dictates. The maximum scholarship payable will not exceed the Scholar’s actual tuition charges and “overload” credits are not included. Scholars attending private in-state colleges may receive the scholarship if the school matches the state scholarship on a dollar-for-dollar basis with institutional gift aid.

Washington Scholars of 2013

Information for Returning Washington Scholars


2013-14 Maximum Award Amounts 


For Washington Scholars selected in spring 2010,
or earlier, who have remaining scholarship eligibility.


  University of Washington 
  Washington State University
  4-Yr Private, Semester-based Institutions
  4-Yr Private, Quarter-based Institutions
  Central Washington University
  Eastern Washington University
  The Evergreen State College
  Western Washington University
  Public Community Colleges
  (15 credit max., may vary by school)
  Public Technical Colleges
  (15 credit max., may vary by school)

How to Apply

Contact your high school principal or guidance counselor.

For more information
E-mail: Washington Scholars Program
Phone: 360-753-7843